FAQS - Maternity Suppport Belt


Q : Do I wear the HG Support over clothing or under clothing?


A : Either – the fabric is a very lightweight breathable/moisture management fabric, most users seem to wear over clothing as it allows for easier adjustment when required.


Q : I seem to have issues putting the HG Support on the first time – am I doing something wrong?


A : As the HG Support was specifically designed for moderate to severe PGP / SPD sufferers it offers multiple support for different areas therefore getting it on correctly is important- by following the instructions provided you should be able to feel the benefits – remember it is fully adjustable and support should only be applied to a comfortable level!


Q : I don’t suffer from severe SPD / PGP – could I still wear the HG Support?


A : Yes, there are a lot of pregnant women who don’t suffer with the condition who use the HG Support, as they feel the lift and support it provides helps them especially later in their pregnancy.


Q : After wearing the HG Support, I felt the benefits and it felt like it ‘was holding me together’ after doing some housework the pain could be felt again – what can I do about this?


A : Unfortunately as yet there is no cure for SPD / PGP all that can be done is try and manage the pain! If you have been wearing the HG Support and feel that it helps in managing the pain it is important not to over do it! Leave the housework to others!