Pregnancy support and pain management can help you during and after pregnancy for sufferers of Pelvic Girdle Pain & Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction.
What the Harness Gravidarum will help you with:

• Baby Bump Support

The belly band of the harness is designed to give light support of the baby which can relieve the weight which is directed at your symphysis pubic bone, which can put further pressure on the symptoms of SPD

• Lumbar support / Back Support

The Lumber support strap (optional) is to provide extra support to the lumbar area, it can be adjusted to your desired pressure. The centre positions the lumber support whilst the two side attachments secure to apply the desired pressure, this can help with back pain and the weight of the baby.

• Symphysis Pubis Joint Support

The pressure pad (which looks like a teardrop with wings) can be placed (optional) within the harness between the legs. The pad can be moved anywhere in this area in order to sit against the SP joint. The pad can be secured using the wings.

• Hip / Pelvis Support

The bottom strap on the Harness Gravidarum gives support and stability to the pelvis & hips, completing the “lift and support” method of the harness.

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