Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction

When research was carried out on the effects on the body of Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction, or otherwise known as PGP, Pelvic Girdle Pain it was discovered that applying slight upward pressure to the front of Symphysis Pubis actually eased the pain. 

HGR Ltd tried to develop a device to try and replicate the effect physically applying upwards pressure to the Symphysis Pubis, and a number of prototypes were developed to try and replicate the action, finally we made and developed one, the HG (Harness Gravidarum) Maternity Support Belt, a device that achieved this by getting a strap that goes between the legs, and a teardrop feature that incorporates into the strap that applies pressure to the symphysis pubis area.

As the condition also affects the Sacroiliac Joints (or the hip joint) we wanted to apply inward pressure and to have the pelvis sitting more aligned by gently manipulating the position of the pelvis by applying gentle pressure which can be adjusted accordingly as the whole device is not governed by where the adjustment is.

Further developments that were applied to the device, was a strap (adjustable) that supports the pressure that is applied to the belly (the weight of the baby) , this strap has been introduced in conjunction with the lumbar Support part of the belt which applies gentle pressure points to the lower back.

We here at HGR Ltd, made further research again, receiving positive feedback and recommendations from professional physiotherapists, consultants and midwives that the Maternity Support Belt will relieve some of the discomfort and pain from symphysis pubis dysfunction.

Users’s comments :

“SPD / PGP is a cruel, painful, physical and emotional condition that can change your life. It can be so debilitating and it’s not understood and recognised by many. However there is help and techniques you can try.After suffering from this condition in two pregnancies, and again four years on after the second, my husband and I have worked so hard on creating a specially designed harness for these poor women who are suffering like I had.It took over four years of development, trying and testing all sorts of materials and patterns, and working with amazing specialists, doctors, midwives, physio’s and consultants to get it right! Even importing the right material from America.

The Maternity Support Belt will help in many ways, it is designed to support the baby bump / belly / weight of your baby, giving you a ‘lift’ feeling, the Harness will give your back and lumber support, it is designed to hold and protect your symphysis pubic joint and comes with a detachable teardrop cushion for extra pressure, and the pelvic and hip support to ensure good alignment and posture.

The material is breathable and very light and can be worn over underwear next to the skin or over light clothing.

Don’t forget the self help!

Try silk sheets and nightwear to help you in and out of bed, hand rails, a raised toilet seat, try floating in a swimming pool, a pillow between your legs at night, avoid walking too much, hire a wheelchair if you have to, keep your legs together, ask for help with the housework, shopping and childcare and wear the “HG” Maternity Support Belt. I know lots of these won’t be practical for many, but hopefully with lots of rest and support you won’t suffer too badly with this cruel condition.”

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