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Review on Mumsnet Posted: 12.06.2017


Just wanted to put this here in the hope it can help others, firstly I should say I have no connection to this company, apart from being bound to them in eternal gratitude!

Since January, I have been in agony with SPD, I’ve been unable to drive or walk properly, I’ve been prescribed codeine and been given crutches and a support belt by the NHS, which helped a little. Then I went on the Pelvic Partnership website and found a local physio who specialises in treating this problem, this has helped a great deal. But the game changer for me was this support harness //www.maternity-belt.co.uk/, my Mam read about it in the paper and I ordered it straight away; now at £150 it is certainly not cheap but I was desperate at the thought of another 8 weeks like this. It has transformed things for me, after just a few days of wearing it I started to feel better. The pain is still there, it’s not a magic cure but I’d say I’ve gone from pain level 9/10 to a 3/4. You can wear it under or over clothes and I haven’t struggled to disguise it, as it’s black it blends in well, I’ve been wearing a long camisole vest over the top of it.

Just wanted to share this as I was getting so worn down by the pain I was feeling depressed and anxious and I know from researching it that this is a very common problem and I’ve even heard of women begging to be induced early because of it. It shouldn’t come to that, there is talk of this harness being trialled on the NHS and I really hope it is as it’s such a debilitating problem that can be helped with this harness and a physio who really understand the issue and how to treat it.

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Emma King Posted: 12.06.2017

Dear Dafydd and Ruth,

I thought I’d give you some feedback on the harness. I’ve been wearing it
for a week now.

As background I started to develop symptoms of PGP/SPD around 4/5 months and
it has been getting progressively worse necessitating the use of crutches to
walk even small distances. I effectively became house bound. I experienced
sharp pain at the front of the pelvis and constant pain around the back of
the pelvis, hip pain and groin pain.

I was referred to a physiotherapist who told me what not to do but was not
able to offer any relief/exercises. They recommended a maternity belt and
provided a tubigrip. This provided some support but did not improve my
symptoms. It did stop them getting worse for a while until I hit month 8
when it started to escalate again.

Being in constant pain started to effect me mentally and this is when my dad
saw your article in the newspaper and tracked you down!

So my feedback so far:

The harness is very comfortable and instantly felt very supportive.

The sharp pain at the front of the pelvis (symphysis public joint) has
almost gone completely when wearing the harness. The pressure pad and straps
do a great job. As soon as I take it off I can feel the pain again. So I
hardly ever take it off!

The under bump support has really helped to reduce the pressure on the
pelvis. Combined with the hip straps I believe this has helped to reduce the
intensity of the constant pain I experience.

I have in short seen a marked improvement in my symptoms and also so my
ability to cope! I have been able to go out (being very careful not to over
do it) and this has been wonderful.

I am still in pain but it is more manageable now.

Thank you so much for designing the harness. It does everything you would
want and has helped me greatly.

And thank you Dad for tracking Dafydd down!

With warmest regards


R O’Connor – Cork     Posted: 12.04.2016

As soon as I put the HG Support on it felt like the weight was taken off my hips!!


Watson – Norfolk     Posted: 12.04.2016

After putting the HG support on, I felt the benefit and was surprised of how lightweight and comfortable it was, I really noticed the difference when taking it off, this shows how much support it gave me, this allowed me to do things for myself and not have to ask everybody for help with every little thing.


Farrell, – Shropshire     Posted: 12.05.2014

At first I struggled to get the HG Support on correctly, but after a couple of goes – this felt really good and took the pressure off the SP Joint where the pain was really bad – so glad I got the HG Support – It made my pregnancy more comfortable


Keatley, – Lincoln     Posted: 12.05.2014

After trying a load of other belts, they didn’t actually ‘hit the spot’ the HG Support definitely gave me support in all the right areas! I had been so looking forward to my pregnancy but when the pain started and got worse and worse, it came to a point where I really was not enjoying my pregnancy – after getting the HG Support this helped control the pain – it does not get rid of the pain just helps to do day to day stuff!