SPD in Pregnancy - How to Relieve the Painful Symptons
SPD in Pregnancy

SPD in Pregnancy

PGP/SPD in pregnancy is a collection of uncomfortable symptoms caused by a misalignment or stiffness of your pelvis. PGP/SPD in pregnancy is not harmful to your baby, but it can cause severe pain around your pelvic area and can make it difficult at times to get around. Also during pregnancy, your body produces a hormone called relaxin, which softens your ligaments to help your baby pass through your pelvis. This means that your joints in your pelvis naturally become more lax. However, this flexibility doesn’t necessarily cause the painful problems of SPD.
Different women have different symptoms and PGP / SPD in pregnancy can be worse for some women than others.
There is a wide range of Symptoms and the severity also varies between women. It is important to remember that Pelvic Girdle Pain is common and in most cases does not continue following the birth. It can be safely treated during or after pregnancy.

SPD in Pregnancy -Managing the Pain

It is unclear if Pelvic Girdle Pain / Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction are caused by just the hormone, as some recent research has shown a link to a ‘joint problem in the pelvic joint.
There are three pelvic joints and 1, 2 or all 3 of the joints could have a problem, which leads to pelvic Girdle Pain. Joints can become stiff or due to the weight of the baby or differing posture from normal, therefore the Pelvis does not move in the same manner and this can cause irritation in the joints, this in turn will cause the other joints to try and compensate for the problematic joint. This means that the Pelvis does not sit aligned and muscles become stiff and tight, which can cause the ligaments to stretch causing the pain.
Pelvic Girdle Pain can start at any time during the pregnancy, onset can be gradual or sudden, with some women suffering with just a slight discomfort in the pelvis to being severe cases where the slightest movement can cause excruciating pain.
The HG Maternity Support Belt was designed around a severe sufferer of Pelvic Girdle Pain, where simply thinking to move on the sofa or walking was awful and when any movements were being made this caused agonizing pain.
In simple terms the action that the HG Maternity Support Belt achieves is provide a ‘lift and support’ motion, as a general comment by sufferers is that they feel some relief inward and upward pressure is applied to the Symphysis Pubis Joint, and following on from this that they would like the hips gently pushed inwards.
spd in pregnancy Pelvic_support_diagram


The HG Maternity Support Belt, replicates the action of cupping the hand against the Symphysis Pubis Joint and by adding the optional Pressure Pad can apply gentle inward support against the Symphysis Pubis Joint, the Hip belts are designed to gently provide support to the Hip Joints.
HG_maternity_support_belt_application_image1 Furthermore, the HG Maternity Support Belt provides a lift to for the baby bump as well as providing lumbar support. An optional further Lumbar Support can be added and moved up or down the back to apply support as required.

HG Maternity Support Belt – Provides Pain Relief

Finally the HG Maternity Support Belt can be adjusted giving a final gentle lift until the final desired support is achieved using the shoulder straps.
Every aspect of the HG Maternity Support Belt has been carefully designed with the importance of applying support to the areas required, as well as comfort being taken into consideration and being practical for the wearer.
The HG Maternity Support Belt is made out a very specialist fabric that is fully breathable, it can be worn next to the skin or over clothing. The fabric was chosen due the amount of stretch required for applying the desired support. The finish of the fabric both inside and out, the UBL finish allows the special Velcro to be applied to any part of the HG maternity Support Belt without being governed to the receiving side of the Velcro.
By using these specifically chosen components, this has allowed us to develop a comfortable, practical and very effective method of managing the pain of Pelvic Girdle Pain.